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Theme Whitoken sur iOS 12

SAlut les gars !

Je kiffais ce theme, comment pourrais t on l'avoir version ios 12 !

https://www.deviantart.com/6mik-design/ … -133734590

(peux etre frontpage)

Voici les instructions de l'époque :

Download Those Applications:

-Five Column Springboard

Now Open Categories
And you Have to create 4 folders:


And then you have to put all your applications, games and everything in those 4 folders EXEPT four applications for each section!!   One application will be the big one, and the 3 other one will be the most used ones.

==>IT IS A BETA SO, There aren t many icon, So you don t have really the choice for the applications that you keep on your sringboard.  For the moment , use the same configuration than me, and then i will add more icon , so you will be able to have your own config

---->So you put all your Aplications in each categories folders EXEPT :


-Photos or camera
-Remote (if you have this application)


-Rolando 2
-Real Racing
-X-plane Extreme

Obviously, There are somme applications that you don't have...But as i said i will make more icon, At the moment, i think you will be able to have two page totally themed, or 3...

Keep also 3 Apps in your dock

-phone (on the left)
-Clock (center)
-Text (sms)(on the right)

EDIT: PERSONLAIZE THE THEME (now there are more icon so check whitoken theme by 6mik/icons  (in the pack) there are a lot icons, so you can now make your own setting... check alsohttp://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16798316  to see the application that you could keep on your springboard !)


Go in settings/ fivecolumn and activate it
Go in FiveIrown (wich should be in the apps folder of categories (on your springboard) ) and activate fiveirows and Hidespringdots
Go in Springjumps/general and desactivate "page titles" and "jump dock"
Go in Springjumps/Jump icons and activate only Page 0, 1, 2 ,3 !


Then you have to connect your computer to your ipod via SSH (using winscp or an alternative if you have one)

Go in /private/var/stash/Applications and copy here every "ShortcutXX.app" that i have included

Go in iblank and create 44 Blank icons

Now it is time to suffer,
You have to make your springboard look like the screenshots that i have included in the archive (one for each page)
Stay Alive ??    It is nearly finished

Click on the Home folder on your spingboard, thenn the little "i" on the right bottom and do this:
Folder title :on
Icon labels: on
Use background.png: on
Left right scroll: on
Rows :    3
Icon font color : white
Icons theme : No theme or another theme (but not the whitoken theme!, wich don't have usual icon)

Then do the same thing for the Media folder, apps, and games folder

Then you have to connect your computer to your ipod via SSH (using winscp or an alternative if you have one)

Go in /private/var/stash/Themes   And copy the "whitoken by 6mik.theme"  !

Go into winterboard and activate the theme

and activate "no undocked icon labels" and "no docked icon label"


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